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Being Stuck Sucks

What does stuck feel like?

When you feel endlessly busy without real progress, are unsure what to do next, want something more, something different, or just not this… you’re stuck. That stuck feeling is really about being unfulfilled and it happens when we aren’t showing up as our whole selves.


Many of us do this: we split ourselves into different personas depending on the setting or circumstance. We have a work self, family self, home self, friend self and so on. When we do this, we actually put up internal barriers that block the parts of ourselves that are creative, passionate, innovative, intuitive and joyful.


Energy goes to holding up the barriers instead of flowing into our work and lives. We feel drained, bored, frustrated and STUCK!


People who are stuck...

  • Feel like they’re in a hamster wheel, always running, but not getting anywhere;

  • Struggle with clarity on what they truly want out of work and life;

  • End up saying “yes” to things that don’t serve them and “no” to things that could fuel them;

  • Cycle through burnout after burnout, or feel always on the edge of burnout;

  • Stay in the same place far longer than is good for them,

​​​           OR… 

  • Constantly jump from one thing to the next, excited for change, but unfulfilled by the result;

  • Get caught in thought cycles of “could have” and “should have”;

  • Repeat the same patterns of behaviour or decision making again and again.


Realizing You Might Be Stuck

Often, people are fully aware that they’re stuck and sometimes even aware of their own limiting patterns and habits, but just can’t seem to pull themselves out of it.


Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Of course, that’s not the actual definition of the word, but it does seem pretty crazy that so many of us get caught in these repetitive patterns, hoping something will change, but not actually doing anything to create change!


The fact is, if you want something different,

you have to DO something different.

Original Source: CEO of Your Life Founder, Melissa Dawn: Learn more.

The 'Stuck Sucks' Workshop

The Stuck Sucks workshop, hosted by Susan Ross, founder of INTENTION Personal Development Group, in partnership with CEO of Your Life founder Melissa Dawn, guides attendees to look inside, dig deep, ask questions and do the internal work to GET UNSTUCK.


Impact of This Workshop

Initiate a powerful shift and/or transformation in your life;

  • Connect to your heart and the essence of you;

  • Create lightness and clarity in your decision-making;

  • Develop tools to self-coach, in the moment, as things come up;

  • Take real steps to start bringing your whole self forward in your life and work;


Getting your team or organization unstuck

We can only lead from where we are. If the people in your organization are stuck, they can only lead, create, innovate and produce from that stuck place. Which means… not much momentum. For anyone.


When people are UNstuck, they’re dynamic! They become the kind of leaders that can lead themselves and those around them with clarity, compassion and courage. The kind of people who can transform an organization from the inside out, building more and more momentum with each step.

Presentation Details

This workshop can be conducted in person or virtually through a variety of online coaching tools. Time and fees are customized for your group or company’s needs.

Benefits to Your Group or Company

  • Empower your people to take full accountability for getting unstuck in their personal and professional lives;

  • Energize your leadership to lead to with courage, clarity and compassion;

  • Inject your organization with a powerful energy, generated from within, that continuously fuels your progress;

  • Spark a domino effect that inspires and motivates others to get themselves unstuck and moving in a direction of fulfillment and joy




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