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Welcome to Planet Positive

I wrote a book!

This book was a true labor of love, in large part inspired by my oldest son James.


A few years ago, James attempted to do something very challenging, and through no fault of his own, was unable to meet his goal.  He was so disappointed, and yet - with the help of an insightful allegory I use in my coaching work (known as the Taoist Farmer story – Google it!) - he quickly internalized that it is up to us to decide whether something is good or bad.  He accepted that what he had first seen as failure, could actually be an opportunity.  His willingness to shift his perspective blew me away with pride and inspiration and I was immediately committed (like, majorly committed) to showing him that we can turn any challenge into a gift. 

My mission for this book is to remind kids that they have the power to respond to life’s challenges with a positive mindset.  Positivity includes positive emotions such as empathy, gratefulness, creativity, curiosity, compassion and a sense of purpose.  Positivity is hard work!  It activates an entirely different part of our brain; it takes practice to create a habit of positive thinking and it’s a choice always available to us. 


Given the uncertainty in our world today, Welcome to Planet Positive offers a way of thinking and being that will help children everywhere to remain resilient and empowered from the inside-out and does so with a little levity and fun (kid secret: it contains a kid-friendly dirty word!).  And if kids can do it, then certainly my grown-up clients can too. 


We can all choose to live on Planet Positive!


Buy this book if...

  • You are between the ages of 1 and 100

  • You are a teacher, coach, parent, caregiver or friend who would like to inspire a young person

  • You are looking for a cool gift for a child who would benefit from hearing a story about positivity

  • You like hummingbirds

  • You always wanted to write a children’s book, and wondered if you could

If this book resonates with you or someone you love, I’d be very grateful if you left a quick Amazon Review!


Here's what people are saying about Welcome to Planet Positive


Welcome to Planet Positive has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom’s Choice Awards®. 

Los Angeles, CA – Family Magazine Group is proud to announce Welcome to Planet Positive as one of the 27th annual Family Choice Award Winners!  As one the most coveted and family-friendly consumer award programs in the nation, the Family Choice Awards recognize the finest products and services that enrich the lifestyles of children and families.

SMA_2022_Seal_Winner (002).png

Welcome to Planet Positive is a Story Monsters Approved! winner, recognizing and honoring authors in the field of children’s literature whose books inspire, inform, teach, or entertain, and adhere to rigorous standards of excellence. And since kids assist industry experts in judging submissions, when a book earns the Story Monsters Seal of Approval, it means that children are recommending the book for other children to read, too!


This book is beautiful in every way. It is a perfect book for all children of all ages. We all have negative thoughts and feeling including children and this book helps by providing empowering examples of positive language. This is a beautiful book that has many lessons for both children and adults alike.

- Donna P (Amazon Review)

Wow! This book is wonderful for all ages. Great simple lessons about feeling and thinking. I got it and then ordered a ton more for presents, gift baskets, etc. My 7 and 11 year old both loved it and are fighting over who gets our original copy. It’s a winner and will be revisited a number of times.

- Lindsay Martin (Amazon Review)

This book!!! We all need this book - kids AND adults. The message is so simple yet desperately needed as we all struggle with our negative thoughts. I read it with my 11 yo son and his favorite was “Planet Poopity” (which is the best word to say…ever). The illustrations and side thought clouds made this book even more fun and unexpected. This book needs to go in every school, home and library!!!.

- Erin Hatzikostas (Amazon Review)

I loved this book! The author does an amazing job of distilling down the steps kids can use to learn how to manage their thoughts - a powerful thing for kids to learn at a young age! Wonderfully illustrated with humor sprinkled throughout, this is a book that belongs in every child's bookshelf. My kiddos ask for it more than any other book!

- Brooke M Ueberroth (Amazon Review)

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