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Coaching with Susan

Finding your “Why”

There’s no doubt about it, I’m a coaching enthusiast.  I’ve had coaches in my personal life, professional life, and many have become business partners and friends (check out my partner page). Coaching has changed my life and my leadership a thousand times over, and I still look forward to what it will inspire next.

What’s next for you? 


There are a million reasons to engage with a coach (the below is only the beginning), and I invite you to find your Intention or your “personal why” coaching might be right for you.


Maybe you want to quiet your mind and find your Prajñā.  

Prajñā is a Sanskrit word, literally meaning “best knowledge” or “best knowing.”   My best friend helped me define it as wisdom + clarity (I just love that).   The power of Prajñā is found in the power of coaching: it is not about having the right answers, it’s about asking yourself the right questions and discovering “what’s possible.”

Maybe you want to jump out of your comfort zone and identify goals that will turbocharge your life or your work. Where are you stuck and pretending not to be? Coaching creates accountability so that you can take action and introduce new habits that bring you closer to your personal and professional goals.​

Maybe you want to enhance your leadership impact.

How are your words and actions affecting the people around you?  Are you motivating and inspiring them the way you want to be?   Where’s the gap and are you willing to work on it?

Maybe your boss (or a friend or family member) told you that you needed one.  This is a secret code for “we believe in you.”  Say thank you three times, and YES! 

Maybe you just want more. 

It’s that feeling of knowing that you’ve done all of the right things, and are still dissatisfied with your life in some way.  If it feels like you could be happier, you could be.  If it feels like you are living life smaller than you were meant to, you are.  If it feels like you deserve more, you do.  


Finding your “Wow”

Finding your wow is like the big “ah-ha.”  When you intentionally step out of your comfort zone in order to create something new, you’ll feel a renewed sense of aliveness and zest for life.  If you can learn to create from that self-limiting voice instead of getting stuck in it, that’s where you will build capacity for real change.  The payoff is making learning out of everything and growing and transforming in ways you could never have imagined. 


What’s life asking you to step more fully into?

Coaching gives you the space to connect to your inner wisdom and brings clarity.  From there, you will create a big and bold vision of what you truly want to create in your life.  Choosing to create from everything, you will have a bigger, braver and happier life.  The end result will be to commit to living your best life, which is a life true to yourself.

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Finding your “Way”

When you engage with a coach, you get to “be on the way” to something bigger.  The difference between where you are now and where you want to be, naturally creates your path.  The beautiful thing is, you’re never going to fully arrive – it’s not a firm destination, and getting there is not a straight line.


And so, you are not expected to get it all right!  You actually get to mess it up – and create learning and grow in new ways that only come from jumping out of your comfort zone, messing it up and recovering quickly.  It’s all about striving for practice over perfection.  And, it’s a lifelong practice.  Why go it alone? 

You hire a coach because you want something to be different!  As I’ve learned, “where the attention goes, the energy flows.”  Coaching is a creative and collaborative experience that dares you to jump out of your comfort zone and into the magic of your life.   What is it that you are longing to create in your life or your leadership?


Coaching Services

Looking for ways to enhance your life, leadership or career? Let’s connect on my customizable coaching services, based on your personal or corporate needs.  


Coaching across the context of your life; you may not be currently working and may or may not have that on the horizon.


Coaching across the context of your life and work; you are making the personal investment in yourself, outside of your company.


You are interested in a coaching engagement for an executive, leader or group of leaders in your company.

7 Core Beliefs


We are responsible for the lives we create;

change will only start with you.


Perfection is a huge waste of time; practice and recovery is where the real magic happens. 


True leadership is inside-out work;

who you are is how you lead. 


If we don’t direct our inner critic voices, they will design a very cozy and small life for us.


Living in Intention is a whole-body practice. So get quiet and listen.


Four letter words can be irresistible. This one will change your life forever: HELP.  We're not meant to do it alone!


If you want to remain vibrant and unstuck, have a “constant creative response” to life! 

“An intention is the first whisper of purpose you bring to what you do or what you say.  It is the real motivation behind any action.  The why behind the why.”

- Oprah

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