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Coaches Who Inspire Me

I’d love to introduce you to a carefully curated group of coaches who have inspired me greatly.  They are listed in order of knowing them (with one exception).  They are all partners who I will work with, refer work to, and encourage you to get to know, love and respect, as I do.


Heidi Davidson

Co-Founder and CEO, Galvanize Worldwide

Heidi will forever be my honorary coach - she’s a crisis communications expert by profession and an inspiring leader by nature.  She is adored by people because of the feedback she gives, not despite it (how many of us can say that?).  Her energy is off the charts (no caffeine even needed), she’s a wonderful human and she gets the impossible done with a smile.  She’s the co-founder of the largest distributed network of marketing and communications experts in the world.  She is exceptional in every way, paves the way for others and is my forever woman-in-business hero.  Find a reason to meet her if you can!


Jeannie Esti
Principal, Compagna Enterprises, LLC

Jeannie and I met during my Mastercard era when I brought her into coach multiple executives on the Marketing and Communications team, and we went on to create what I can only describe as true magic with their extended teams in Capalbio, Italy.  Bellissimo!  Meeting Jeannie was divine intervention, and she has become a colleague, a mentor, a friend, a sister, a boss and a partner.  Jeannie is larger than life and I would put her up against any CEO, superstar or human for that matter.  She just has a way of cutting through the BS and getting to the heart of what matters, for everyone.   She’s a true master of bold and brave, smart and heart - shrinking violets need not reach out.  Ciao!

Ellipse 10.png

Rose Fass

Founder, fassforward Consulting Group

An impressive combination of wisdom, business savvy, elegance and sass in one complete package, Rose can read people within minutes and get to the heart of the most complicated situations and personalities with clarity and unbelievable articulation.  Rose guided me when I was making the biggest career change of my life and she gave me the strength I needed to take bold action in a graceful way.  She surrounds herself with only the best people, which is what I personally think makes fassforward such a standout.  Check out her book, The Chocolate Conversation for more of Rose’s brilliance!

ANAT new.png

Dr. Anat Treister Goren

Founder and CEO, Lead Out of the Box Leadership

Nati was my fulfillment instructor at the Co-Active Training Institute.  I left that class completely intoxicated by her carefree spirit, and she’s been my coach ever since, despite living an ocean and a sea away.  It’s fair to say that she speaks to my soul, and at least for me, it really was love at first sight.  I affectionately call her a corporate hippie, appreciating her business savvy, deep wisdom and playful, provocative nature.  She invites the best of me to come forward, and jump “out of the box”, as that’s what great coaches do.  Nati travels the world regularly, catch her if you can!


Leah Smart

Founder, Leah Smart LLC

Leah and I met through our coach training together, and became fast friends and really, soul sisters.  We were often partnered together in class and she was a naturally talented coach, always blowing me away with her vast wisdom and spirit.  From about day one I affectionately called her my spiritual warrior.  Whether she’s sharing with me her most recent learnings from Kabbalah, or designing and co-hosting "In the Arena, a LinkedIn Mindfulness podcastthat focuses on humanizing work through real conversations, Leah is an artist with her words and ideas and is always creating something beautiful.  She is a star, and her fan club starts here!  


Adele Dujardin

Founder, A Good Life. Coach

A former educator, current coach, author, and podcast host of "Just Ahead", Adele seriously has it all. Through our path of coach training and now leadership development together, she has become one of my favorite people on the planet. Adele is uniquely gifted at telling me to cut the sh*t and fiercely supporting me in the same breath. She catches every one of my saboteurs and doesn't let them off the hook, and she can make me laugh so hard I cry real tears. Adele brings out my playful side and has made me a better coach. Adele will change the world as she inspires others to shake things up and have fun while doing it - follow her if you can! 


Michelle Myers

Founder & CEO, Summit Leadership Coaching

Michelle and I met on opposite ends of a coaching conference call, she in Denver and me in New York, and we chose to be friends ever since.  We have a shared love of organizational development work, coaching, Oprah and, Brené Brown - and of course, she took it one step further and became a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator, and was trained by Brene´ herself!  Being who she is, Michelle trained me as well, and it is work I go back to regularly.  She supports organizations on their journey towards brave work, tough conversations and leading with whole hearts.  Don’t miss out on her customized workshop for your company or team today!


Melissa Dawn

Founder, CEO of Your Life

Melissa is the yin to my yang.  Our love was kindled in our leadership tribe, and that was just the beginning.  She loves me for having a proper corporate past, and I love her for having an entrepreneurial one, with a good dose of “woo-hoo.”  Melissa believes in the power of the universe and you can read about her own brand of magic in her best selling book, I Attract What I Am: Transform Failure Into An Orgasmically Joyful Life & Business.  We are combining our love of coaching, corporate business and “woo-hoo” in our joint, group corporate coaching brainchild, “Stuck Sucks!”  Be on the lookout!


Rick Tamlyn

Founder, It's All Made Up, Inc.

To the outside world, Rick is an activational keynote speaker, beloved Co-Active Trainer and esteemed Author of Play Your Bigger Game: 9 Minutes to Learn, a Lifetime to Live. To me, he is a fierce Co-Active Leadership Tribe Leader, and a guru on being fantastically human across all aspects of work and life, in the best way possible.  Because of him, I am striving for practice over perfection and endeavouring to make learning and create from absolutely everything.  Just experiencing Rick’s leadership has taken my coaching to the next level, and I’m having more fun than ever.  As Rick has taught thousands, It’s All Made Up anyway!


Erin Hatzikostas

Founder & CEO, b Authentic inc

Believe it or not, Erin and I love to tell the story of how we met: on Linkedin!  We are the proud product of LinkedIn doing such a great job connecting like-minded professionals together, and are always open to meeting another potential “tribe” member!  Our journeys have had a similar essence, from corporate to a more entrepreneurial path, doing it our own way.  Erin is starting a movement around creating an army of more authentic and diverse leaders.  She is a former CEO, a fierce businesswoman and coach, author and very insightful and hilarious podcaster.  Erin was also selected as a speaker for the upcoming TEDx event in Farmingdale, New York.  Be on the lookout for the launch of her new book, YOU DO YOU-ISH, An Executive Guide to Authentic Success.  She is truly unstoppable!


Debbie Pincus

Founder, The Relationship Center

If you have read this far, then you deserve to know that I have a family coach and have since 2013 and counting.  I need a team of help, and I’m proud of it!  Debbie is an integral part of that team.  She is a true gem - whether you want to find a better way to communicate with your spouse, manage yourself differently in any relationship, or try some new strategies that will help you to be more of a calm parent, Debbie will change your life for the better.  I have referred her to dozens of friends, clients and neighbors, and every single one has been happy.  If this stirs something up in you, then reach out, you’ll be so glad you did!

"Intention is the starting point of every dream."

- Deepak Chopra

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