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The Gift of Positivity

What a year it's been!

What a year it's been! If there’s one thing I know, it’s that you are ending this year way stronger than you realize. Whether you’ve been feeling isolated from family and friends, anxious about when the next person on your team will quit, worried about you or your family getting the latest unpronounceable strain of Covid, confused about how to explain to your kids why it’s snowing in Florida or tired of looking at your spouse for the 600th day in a row wondering, ‘which one of us is going to walk this new dog?’, you’ve been up against some epic circumstances. At the same, you’ve imperfectly but wholeheartedly managed to keep your own head in the game, your family feeling safe and loved, your friends’ spirits up, and your teams and organizations reasonably happy, motivated and performing despite all of these chaotic circumstances.

How’d you do it?

We are constantly learning that we can endure so much more than we think that we can, but HOW we do it is the difference between surviving or thriving. You know you’re getting to that finish line – but how do you want to cross it? Feeling super negative and anxious because you were not sleeping and stressed out the whole way, or with a sense of lightness and positivity that will inspire and bring out the best in others?

Check out my new coffee mug, reminding me every morning that HTF you do something is even more important that WTF you are doing!

Coming to life with a positive mindset is a mix of science (neuroscience and psychology), and a daily practice…a mental fitness practice! It takes real work to develop a positive mindset – and once you build up those neuropathways, new patterns of thinking emerge, leading to more creativity, better relationships, greater success and lasting happiness. That’s right, “well-being and performance are deeply connected” (thank you Ariana Huffington!).

I have a fun Positive Intelligence challenge for you: adopt the Sage perspective. Your ‘Sage’ is the deepest, truest, most wise part of you.

The Sage Perspective accepts every outcome as a gift and opportunity.

Cliff notes version: think about a situation you thought was bad, that turned out to be a good thing in the future, where you learned a great lesson, built up strength or a muscle you didn’t have, or were inspired to, then do something life changingly awesome (everything from literally getting lost on a road trip and turning it into a fun adventure, to getting fired from a job you hated only to find one with more passion and purpose). If you adopt the Sage perspective…things will start to change, because your inner operating system will change – and there is substantial evidence we can “rewire our brains with our thoughts” (though, this takes focused, supported, INTENTIONal effort).

Is there someone that you are not-so-excited to see this holiday season? Try the Sage Perspective. What muscle will YOU build in dealing with them? Maybe you will practice becoming more patient, finding your Zen place and staying there, working on keeping things light, or as my Shaman suggested for me, channeling your inner “cat” (cats hang out and observe, they don’t just react…I’m a dog person, so I’m still working on it). Regardless, HTF you do it will make all of the difference for your happiness! And isn’t that a gift worth giving yourself this holiday season?

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a positive New Year!


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